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Pros And Cons Of Artificial Grass

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If you are planning to plant artificial grass over your lawn to make it look lush green round the clock then you need to know all about the recent addition in your garden. The most essential is the knowledge related to the good and the bad aspects of the artificial grass in brisbane. Here in this article we have managed to add all this information that can impact upon your ultimate decision.

What we like about artificial grass

Synthetic grass goes well with all the gardens. Those who have used it or are using them now find this a great solution to keep the ground green all through the year. Here are the pros that make them further admirable.

  • Artificial grass is the best fit for all kinds of weathers. Weather has least to impact upon the quality and the life of the turf. This kind of addition requires little maintenance regardless of the kind of the weather.
  • It needs little budget for maintenance. There is little energy required to water or mow the grass as well.
  • Unlike the natural version the artificial grass does not require additional gadgets for maintenance.
  • If you are out for long especially during vacations then there is no need to worry about the lawn you have left behind.
  • Synthetic grass is pet friendly. They cannot ruin the garden but digging through the artificial turf. Mud patches caused by the dogs are not reported as well. In case of animal wastes can be cleared using light detergent and water. You can also find pet friendly cleaners to handle the wastes.
  • The artificial grass can be bought in several styles and types. You can buy any of these according to your choice. There is a variety of colours, lengths, density, textures available.
  • Unlike natural grass you can plant it anywhere you like regardless of the location. It suits, poolsides, roof terraces, offices, balconies, hotels, gyms and even the golf courts.
  • They are UV stabilised so the scorching sun will not ruin the green of the turf.
  • There is no risk of allergies like it happens in case of the natural grass pollen.

What we don’t like

  • Some of the materials are not good for the environment and the environmentalists have growing concern about this.
  • The first time installation is pretty expensive.
  • The installation process is time consuming.
  • It lacks the natural look and scent that people love while being in the lawn with natural grass.
  • The average life of the artificial grass is 7 to 15 years and you may need to replace it after that.

You need sand infill to keep the artificial grass at low temperature in heated days.